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Security Light Initiative - Winter 2019/20

Published: 28/05/2019

Over the past 5 years, East Lothian Care & Repair Charitable Trust has financed the provision of outdoor security lights to enable Care & Repair East Lothian to install these for their clients.  In a rural area such as East Lothian, such a simple provision can make an enormous difference to Care & Repair clients.  These initiatives have been so successful that the Trust is once again promoting a security light initiative to assist East Lothian’s homeowners to remain safe and secure at home.  If you are aged 60 + (or 50+ if you have a disability), Care & Repair East Lothian’s Small Repairs Service will fit a free security light (as long as your home is suitable).  The labour, as always, is free – you will only be charged for any additional materials if they are required for the installation.  This offer is available to both existing and new clients.

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