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Care & Repair East Lothian offers a service to older and disabled people who are home owners or private tenants who need help and advice on financing and carrying out housing improvements, repairs and maintenance and/or adaptations such as wet floor showers, stairlifts and ramps

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Contractor’s Code of Conduct


This code of conduct applies to all our Approved Contractors who deliver any services to Care & Repair clients and sets out the standards of behaviour and general conduct that we expect whilst working in any of our clients' homes.


Care & Repair prides itself in supplying excellent customer service and we require our Approved Contractors to operate to the same high standards. This document forms a performance contract which will be used to measure the effectiveness of our Approved Contractors. The standards will be informed by quality checks and customer feedback. This document enters Care & Repair contractors into a formal agreement and failure to apply operational performance to the standards set out in this document could result in removal from our Approved Contractors list or investigations from HSE.


1.1      Equal Opportunities

Care & Repair is committed to Equal Opportunities and strives to eliminate both direct and indirect forms of discrimination, such as discrimination on the basis of:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Origin
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Transgender/transsexual status
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Class
  • Appearance
  • Religion
  • Marital status
  • Any other matter which causes a person to be treated with injustice

As part of the application process for our Approved Contractors list, you confirmed that you have your own policy or procedure, or that you agree to work with ours.  Further copies of our policy and procedure are available on request at any time.

1.2      Discriminatory Behaviour

Care & Repair will investigate allegations of discriminatory behaviour and appropriate action will be taken if we believe the complaint made is true and action by us is warranted as a result.  This could include (but is not limited to):

  • Removal from site
  • A referral to the Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • Removal from Care & Repair approved contractors list

1.3      Health and Safety

All contractors are required to comply fully with the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Construction, Design & Management Regulations (if relevant) and associated regulations and Codes of Practice and to ensure that they provide safe and healthy working conditions for their employees. In addition, contractors must ensure that any work carried out by them does not affect adversely the health and safety of anyone else, for example Care & Repair clients, staff and the general public.


2.1      Access and Appointments

No contractor shall carry out any works to an occupied property unless the occupant or their representative is present or has agreed to the works being done in their absence.

If the contractor experiences difficulty in arranging contact with the client, Care & Repair should be informed immediately, if we are involved in arranging the works on the client’s behalf.

Where the contractor calls for a pre-arranged appointment but cannot gain access, they should leave a card informing the client of the date and time of the call.

If the contractor requires any special arrangements to be made in order to facilitate the delivery of the work, the client/Care & Repair must be informed immediately.

Broken appointments can cause a great deal of inconvenience and frustration for clients. If the contractor believes it is absolutely necessary to break an appointment, they must ensure they contact the client to apologise, give a reason and make a fresh appointment.

2.2      Identification

Contractors’ staff must carry and present appropriate identification before entering and whilst working on site at a client’s property. The contractor must leave contact details with the client on the first visit.

2.3      Dress

Contractors are reminded that their employees must dress appropriately at all times. Clean appearance is expected on all quotation visits.

2.4      Smoking and Radios

Contractors must ensure that their employees do not smoke whilst working on site. A heavy smell of smoke on contractors will not be tolerated, due to the delicate health nature of some of our clients. The client’s permission must be sought before any radios are used. Where such permission is given the volume should be kept to an acceptable level.

2.5      Swearing

Care & Repair have a strict no swearing policy and any breach of this could result in immediate removal from our Approved Contractor List.

2.6      Parking

Contractors’ vehicles should be parked with care and not obstruct access to the client’s property or inconvenience the public.

2.7      Toilet Facilities

The use of a client’s toilet and washing facilities must be agreed with the client prior to the commencement of work. Such facilities must be left in a clean and tidy condition. At least one WC facility must remain in use for the client during the works programme (a commode may be provided by Social Work if it is an adaptation).

2.8      Notice

The disconnection or interruption of any utilities or other services to the property should be kept to a minimum and should only take place after giving the client reasonable notice.

2.9      Protection of Client Property

The contractor must ensure that furniture, carpets and equipment are completely covered by dustsheets where required. Where items need to be moved and where there is a risk of damage from that move, permission from the client should be sought and care taken. All client possessions are to be removed from the working area, where practical, and returned on completion. This may, for example, be the case where computer equipment needs to be temporarily relocated.

2.10    Tools and Equipment

During the course of the work, contractors are expected to use their own tools and equipment. All contractors must ensure the client allows the use of electricity and water in order to carry out the works (where required).

Tools and equipment must not be left in a dangerous or inconvenient position on site, even for a short period.

2.11    Site Rubbish         

All rubbish for disposal must be bagged and removed from site. No storage of materials on site unless prior arrangement made with the client.

Arrangements must be made by the contractor to secure their equipment against loss, damage or misuse if it is left unattended.

2.12    Damage to Client’s Property

Any significant damage caused by the contractor’s staff to the fabric of the client’s property, or its contents, should be reported immediately to the Care & Repair Manager.  If damage results in a security or safety risk this must be notified immediately to the Care & repair Manager.

2.13    Private Works

If contractors agree to carry out private works for clients, such work will not under any circumstances be regarded as the responsibility of Care & Repair and any arrangements for payment must be agreed between the client and the contractor.

2.14    Complaints

If a client complains, the contractor should endeavour to achieve a speedy resolution.

2.15    Standard of Work

All work undertaken should meet current Building Regulations and industry standards including published regulations and Codes of Practice. All replacement components must comply fully with current British Standards. The completed works must be fit for purpose and finished to a good quality of workmanship and detail to the satisfaction of the Technical Officer.

2.16    Snagging

The contractor must attend to any snagging items within ten working days.

2.17    Religious Groups

It is important to pay particular attention to the belongings of the client, particularly where those belongings may have spiritual, cultural or emotional significance. For instance you should not go into a room and disturb a religious object without first asking if it can be moved. If a client asks you to comply with a particular religious procedure, you should respect their wishes wherever possible.

However, if this could have implications on your safety or ability to carry out the work, please advise the client. An example of this may be if you are asked to remove your safety shoes before entering a room. If agreement cannot be reached with the client, please contact the Care & Repair Manager for advice before undertaking any further work.

2.18    Client Privacy and Confidentiality

Contractors should be aware of and adhere to The General Data Protection Regulation. All client information must be treated with confidentiality. Any breach of the regulations could result in removal from our Approved Contractors List.

2.19    Contractor Conduct

Contractors must ensure that their conduct and behaviour at all times is courteous and professional when dealing with customers, Care & Repair staff and anyone else in conjunction with their business.

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