"Raising funds to help the work of Care & Repair East Lothian"

East Lothian Care & Repair Charitable Trust was established to assist clients of Care & Repair East Lothian with additional financial assistance where necessary for essential adaptations and repairs to their homes

How to Fundraise Online

East Lothian Care & Repair Charitable Trust has signed up with easyfundraising.org.uk so that when you shop at your favourite online stores, you can help, at no extra cost, to raise funds for the Trust.  You still shop directly with the retailer, but by simply using the links from the easyfundraising site first, each purchase you make will generate a cashback donation to the Charitable Trust.  There are over 2,000 well known retailers to choose from and to raise funds you just need to use the links from easyfundraising.org.uk.

What to do:

Simply go to easyfundraising.org.uk and click on 'Support a good cause', locate East Lothian Care & Repair Charitable Trust and register your details as a supporter.

Next, login using your registered username /password.

Finally, click any of the retailer links provided and then shop just as you would normally.

That's all you need to do apart from remembering to go to the easyfundraising site each time you shop online.  Providing you login and use the retailer links provided, easyfundraising will track all your transactions and pay the Charitable Trust the appropriate donations. These will then be displayed in your easyfundraising account.


  1. Why do retailers support this type of fundraising?
    When you buy online, the cost to the retailer is much lower.  As there's no shop, salesperson, heating, electricity or rates, retailers are more than happy to help good causes when new online customers are introduced to them via the easyfundraising website.  Please note that the Charitable Trust receives 100% of the donation shown on the site. 
  2. Will I pay anything extra?
    No. You pay the same prices exactly as if you visited each retailer's website directly.  Using the easyfundraising service will not cost you a penny more than you would pay normally.
  3. How much can I raise?
    The exact donation that will be paid is displayed directly next to each retailer listing.  With some categories such as mobile phones and insurance, there is a set cash value rather than a percentage.  If a retailer offers more than one donation, or if there is any special information about the retailer, please click on the relevant information or image alongside.
  4. Am I buying from the retailer or easyfundraising?
    You still deal directly with each retailer, easyfundraising simply record your visit to their website and reward your selected cause if you make any purchases.

Visit www.easyfundraising.org.uk

Thank you for your support.

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